DATAWISE Software has developed WebInsurer.gr, an online platform for the implementation / management of all insurance transactions carried out by insurance companies

WebInsurer.gr offers:

  1. Comparative pricing and insurance policy issuance in all sectors and insurance companies
  2. Green card issuance
  3. Full portfolio information and production statistic charts by partners
  4. Automatic cashing out of payment reports and extended payment methods

Webinsurer.gr connects with all BackOffice (BO) systems, directly or indirectly, always dependent on the BO application, providing:

  • New entities addition at any time after initial purchase.
  • Execute management of  our customers’ network portfolio by automating the recording of bank transactions and cashing out partners debts
  • Active interaction via WebServices (WS) with all insurance companies and management with those companies that do not provide WS in a safe manual mode.