Sofos Insurance Agency


Sofos Insurance Agency S.A. is an entity specializing in the provision of insurance management. It offers its services to more than 550 partners throughout Greece, operating with decentralized operations structure through its branch offices and regional offices.

Its philosophy focuses on human-centered and long-lasting relationships, and its immediate goal is to continually optimize the performance of the day-to-day work of an insurance intermediary.

The company has experienced and competent staff who are willing to provide their services in the best possible way and to cover even the most demanding insurance business.

The insurance market challenges

In a highly dynamic and competitive environment such as the insurance market, providing efficient service is a challenge. That’s why our company has searched for an advanced front office computer system that will frame our everyday life. The main issues, the end user seamless management, as well as the necessary flexibility to optimize the performance of our partners.

Specific features

  • Comparative pricing and insurance policy issuance in all sectors and insurance companies
  • Green card issuance
  • Full portfolio information and reliable information on the productive progress of partners and their teams
  • Automatic cashing out of payment reports and extended payment methods (Plafond, notices, credit / debit cards, etc.)
  • Full CRM system with sms/emails capabilities to the customer list. Ability to work from tablet / mobile (responsiveness)


Due to the complexity of our company’s above-mentioned requirements and the limited reliable front office software, available in the market, Sofos Insurance Agency reached Datawise Software.

Datawise manages exclusively Sofos Portal and builds new projects on regularly, requested by our company. Sofos Portal meets all necessary requirements of modern sales management and spreads a safety net for all its partners. Harmonization with the IDD Directive and the requirements of the GDPR Regulation could not leave us uninvolved and Datawise stands next to us with market-value deliveries.

In general, Datawise team is always keen to hear innovative ideas that will potentially be incorporated into Sofos Portal. It is highly important that all its members have a complete understanding of the concepts of “providing insurance services” and “the daily life of an insurance broker”.


Datawise is a software development company that we have trusted and believed in building a long-lasting relationship from the very first stages. We were particularly excited about the prospect of having webinsurer as a front office platform. In particular, the fact that Mr. Alexandros Koursoumis listened carefully to “we want” and implemented them with great dedication.

At the beginning of our collaboration, the platform could provide pricing and policy issuance to 7 insurance companies and only for the vehicles’ branch. After three months the companies became 10 and currently are exceeding 25 and the corresponding growth in the other general branches is progressing rapidly.

The capability for automatic cashing out of payment reports, the sms/customers notification sending system along with the green card issuance by 23 companies highly facilitated our partners and increased significantly our reliability towards them.

The possibility of pricing and issuance of insurance policies in other sectors has been also a major issue. We are currently issuing new policies and renewals in the legal protection, boat, property, personal accident, road assistance and civil liability.

In addition to the facility provided by Sofos Portal in routine insurance broker workflow, it is also a reliable information system for informing its agents. Updated and complete library of files, updated Dashboard, production data tracking with sophisticated charts.

Finally, in cooperation with Datawise, we implemented a card payment circuit via a physical POS connected to Sofos Portal, a long-standing call from our partners over the last period of time.